Lottery Took me From Rags to Riches! Top Lottery Winner Stories

If you asked someone on the street if they’ve ever fantasized about winning the lottery and they said no, chances are they’d be lying. We’ve all thought about how we’d use the money if we had the luck to win. It’s a global truth.

Winning the lottery is possible, but only if you play. Don’t believe us? Read stories from real people who’ve won large sums of money by winning a jackpot.

The luckiest woman in the world: Deborah Brown

Sometimes believing in yourself is the single most impactful step to success. Deborah Brown would know. She must have believed in herself a lot when she purchased 20 pick-four tickets from the Virginia Lottery in one day. She used the same numbers for all 20, and… each ticket was a winner!

To celebrate and see how much further she could push her luck, Deborah bought 10 more tickets and used the same strategy. Those 10 ended up being winners too!

Not only did she pick 30 winning tickets in a row, but each ticket won her the maximum amount allowed per ticket. As a result, she walked away with over $150,000, and her dreams came true. Imagine your life-changing that much in one day. One could only hope.

Sweet 16 winner Armand Aganelli

Winning at the lottery 30 times in a row is the most anyone has ever won. The next luckiest person, Armand Paganelli, won 16 times in two years, which is still pretty impressive.

The New York Bronx native won more than $600,000, reportedly spending it on his children’s education and making generous donations to charities.

Florida man seven-time lottery winner

Florida native, Richard Lustig, who lives in the middle of the Sunshine State, has won the lottery not once but seven times. He’s so successful that he’s even written a book on how he won so many times.

Four-time winner: Joan R Ginther

While seven wins is a record in Florida, Joan R. Ginther holds the record for the most wins (at least, the highest value wins) in Texas.

She isn’t just lucky – she’s smart too. Ginther has a PhD from Stanford in statistics, which says a lot. She’s won more than 20 million dollars (four separate wins) playing the lottery. It would take an expert in statistics to calculate the odds of winning that many times in a row.

Big one-time winners

Winning the lottery multiple times in a row is unlikely but possible. If the people mentioned above can win anywhere from four to 30 times in a row, you can too!

Read on to hear stories of people who’ve won enough money to never need to play again.

New Hampton two-million dollar winners

Sometimes the staff at a lottery will announce that the winning ticket is located in a particular county or state. When that happens, everyone rushes to check their numbers, just in case.

That’s what happened to the husband and wife couple, Keith and Karla Elenz, who worked in a car factory in Iowa. They went and got a ticket, then didn’t think anything of it again until an email went around at their work saying the winning ticket had been sold in Iowa.

Quickly, Karla ran to find her ticket to check it against the winning numbers. She was in disbelief when she saw that her numbers matched and immediately called her husband. Her husband hadn’t even remembered that they’d bought a ticket!

The two-million-dollar Powerball prize they won quickly jogged his memory. While the couple plans to buy some expensive things, they returned to work soon after discovering they’d won. They plan on investing some of their wins and giving the rest to local organizations that they’re passionate about.

A deserving win

In 2007, California woman Cynthia P. Stafford suffered after her brother was killed by a drunk driver. She was supporting an ageing father, raising kids, and trying to make ends meet, all while being crushed by grief.

On Mother’s Day, her feminine intuition told her to buy a lottery ticket. So, she listened to that gut feeling and won over $100 million!

And while the earnings couldn’t bring back her brother, they did help her move forward with her life and set up her dream business.

Playing and winning online with Win Millions Lotto

While the people above all won by going out to buy a lottery ticket, technology has advanced to the point where you can win the lottery without leaving your home.

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