How we’ll Compete with Sports Betting Heavyweights


The sports betting industry is booming worldwide, dominated by major operators with extensive marketing budgets that make it challenging for new entrants to match their advertising reach. However, by employing effective strategies to carve out a niche, companies like Betfusions can compete successfully against industry giants.

Strategies include:

  1. Superior product suite: Offering diverse betting options with attractive odds, coupled with appealing promotions can attract and retain customers.
  2. Exceptional customer service and CRM: Leveraging advanced data analytics to enhance customer relationship management ensures a personalised, efficient experience that fosters loyalty.
  3. Cost-effective customer acquisition: Innovative, low-cost methods to acquire new customers backed up by superior offerings to ensure retention can be a game-changer.
  4. Lean and automated operations: Employing labour-saving and time-efficient technologies such as AI, streamlines processes and reduces costs.
  5. Tax-efficient operations: Establishing operations in tax-advantageous jurisdictions maximises profitability.

Innovative product offerings

A key aspect of Betfusions’ strategy involves combining highly popular gambling products like lotteries, scratch cards, and instant wins with sports betting, horse racing and casino. These easy-to-play offerings appeal to a broad audience and are designed to attract and retain a wide range of gamblers, rather than serving as mere add-ons.

Unique promotions

  • Creating differentiated promotions caters to the three gambler profiles – dreamers seeking jackpots, thrill-seekers looking for entertainment, and those wanting to use their skill and knowledge to “beat the house”.
  • Offering themed scratch cards during major sports events and free lottery tickets when jackpots reach sky high levels which they often do in the US will enhance customer engagement at minimal cost.

Leveraging customer overlap

There is significant overlap between lottery players, casino enthusiasts, and sports bettors. By leveraging this overlap with standout promotions and rewards, we will attract players at the lowest possible cost. See “Convergence is the Future of Gaming”.

Challenges and opportunities

Starting a sports betting business or a casino can be challenging as it requires substantial financial resources. However, combining sports betting, horse racing and casino with the lower acquisition costs of lottery creates a unique opportunity for extensive cross-promotion and cross-selling, leading to a significant competitive advantage.

Competitive edge through efficiency

Lean businesses with ultra-low customer acquisition costs can reinvest more in retention strategies, offering better odds, more freebies, and superior overall value. This approach positions them to compete effectively with industry giants.

Advertising and promotion in pre-regulated markets

In regulated markets, online gaming operators invest heavily in advertising through celebrity influencers, shirt sponsorships, TV, and stadium rights. However, in pre-regulated markets, advertising options are restricted, requiring different approaches. Even simple tactics such as social media ads and PPC are off the table.

Most gaming operators in these markets use the affiliate route, working with various “traffic-generators” who find potential customers and get paid one-off fees for directing them to operators’ sites (the CPA model). Some affiliates are willing to forgo the CPA model and work on a success basis through longer-term revenue share arrangements. These relationships between operators and affiliates are rare though.

Betfusions’ innovative approach

At Betfusions, we partner with affiliates who already have customers, such as e-wallet, crypto wallet, and VPN providers, rather than focusing solely on gaming affiliates. In our inaugural pilot promotion in May 2024, we offered one of our e-wallet partners free lottery tickets to gift to their customers who already use their e-wallets to gamble – see here. The results were exceptional, with a cost per registration on our site of under $1 and first-time depositors at less than $5 – a tiny fraction of what casinos and sportsbooks spend to acquire customers.

We plan to scale these campaigns, running them simultaneously with multiple partners to reach the millions of customers they serve. Complementing these with viral strategies like our unique refer-a-friend program and gifting lottery tickets will broaden our reach.

Retention marketing

Our outstanding retention marketing strategy, which includes free lottery tickets and sports bets, money-back free bets, and boosted odds for parlays, will further enhance our approach. While casinos and sportsbooks may offer similar promotions, ours will stand out as more attractive by covering multiple products.

Achieving our goals

Every online gaming operator’s goal is to acquire customers inexpensively, retain them, and encourage them to spend more, with due care and attention to compliance. To achieve our goals, we will hire individuals and teams with extensive experience in cross-product CRM and data analytics, affiliate marketing, SEO, content generation, and growth hacking specific to pre-regulated markets. By combining a strong team with our unique product suite, we’re confident in generating substantial profits.


With a robust team and a distinctive product suite, we are confident in generating substantial profits. By employing innovative and cost-effective strategies, leveraging customer overlap, and offering unique products and promotions, Betfusions is well-positioned to compete effectively in the diverse and rapidly expanding sports betting industry. Our approach will attract a wide audience and build a loyal customer base, challenging the dominance of larger competitors.

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