The only place to play Powerball and Mega Millions numbers is Crypto Millions Lotto

Lottery, like everything else in the USA is big. The two principle lotteries are Powerball and Mega Millions, and it’s not unusual for a rollover jackpot on either one to run to hundreds of millions of dollars. On several occasions, most recently in 2018, the jackpot exceeded one billion dollars. The problem is that traditionally[…]

Be a lottery reseller, just like your local newsagent, petrol station or grocery store

Have you ever wondered why newsagents, petrol stations and grocery stores sell lottery tickets? Or, why you see scratch cards and lottery machines each time you enter their shops? The answer is simple. Not only are these items incredibly easy to sell, they are also a very lucrative line of income. Resellers of lottery products earn[…]

A digital lottery you can now play with local currency

Did you know that Crypto Millions Lotto, the world’s biggest digital lottery site, now accepts 76 different currencies? That’s right, we accept 76 different currencies including Pesos, Yen, Krone, Rupees and Real. So, even if you don’t own, or you know nothing about cryptocurrency, you can still play! We haven’t forgotten about the crypto purists[…]

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